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Duet Water Revitalizer DU-420


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Water is the source of life. Enrich your drinking water with oxygen and alkalinity-enhancing minerals. The Duet Water Revitalizer makes your water a source of vital energy.

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The human body consists of more than 50 percent water. Along with oxygen, water therefore belongs to the key elements necessary for human life. Drinking water as pure as possible is just as essential for a healthy and active life as breathing clean air and eating healthy nutritious foods. In nature water flows past a variety of rocks, minerals and salts (minerals in ionic form) and past electromagnetic fields. The DUET WATER REVITALIZER mimics this glowing movement of water from nature. The water flows through the vortex, while the mineral basket adds small amounts of alkalinity enhancing minerals. This way your drinking water is reactivated and you can drink water rich in oxygen and bursting with vital energy.


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