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Hurom DA-1000

Hurom DA-1000


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The Hurom DA-1000 is a powerful horizontal slowjuicer. This machine guarantees good quality. Because of the innovative screw system The Hurom squeezes 3-5% more juice out of products compared to other horizontal slowjuicers with a single screw.

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What products can be squeezed by the Hurom DA-1000?
The Hurom DA-1000 is because of its horizontal screw a suitable machine for juicing both firm and soft and fibrous products. You can juice carrot, beet, but also spinach, celery and wheatgrass. The Hurom DA-1000 makes it also very easy to squeeze herbs.


What is the quality of the juice you get from the Hurom DA-1000?
Because of the horizontal juicing system a good quality juice comes from the Hurom DA-1000. The adjustable knob can be tightened or loosened to determine how much pulp ends up in the juice. You can avoid the indigestible pulp of wheatgrass, but retain the pulp of an orange.


How to clean the Hurom DA-1000?
The parts of the Hurom DA-1000 are not dishwasher safe. The best way to clean the juicer is in the sink with warm water using the included brush.  Should some vegetables or fruits be difficult to remove, it’s best to put the dirty parts in a bowl of warm water for a few hours.


Why would you choose the Hurom DA-1000?

  • Adjustable pressure – You can determine the pressure by using the special adjustable knob
  • Quiet motor – the Hurom DA-1000 motor is insulated and more quiet than other slowjuicers.
  • Plunger with rubber ring – the plunger with rubber ring is well thought out. Usually plungers just push the products, but this one also pushes juice and pulp easily back into the machine.
  • Wheatgrass – this horizontal slowjuicer can easily process wheatgrass and other fibrous or firm products.
  • All-round – this slowjuicer can also make sorbet ice cream, nut butters or pesto with the included accessories
  • Long lasting fun – 15 year warranty on the motor, 5 year warranty on spare parts


Brand Hurom
Type of Press Single gear
Propulsion Electric
Dimensions (LxWxH) 250mm x 180mm x 226mm
Pasta maker Yes
Warranty 2jaar
Weight 6,3 Kg
BPA-free Yes
Motor enkelfase
Turning Speed 63 - 75 rpm
Geluid (dB) 65 dBa
Power 150W
Can juice Wheatgrass Good
Food processor Yes
Box content

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