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Hurom HE-Series (HU-500)

Hurom HE serie



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The Hurom HE is an elegant vertical slowjuicer with juice cap. The lockable juice cap retains the juice and you can create juice mixtures with various fruits and vegetables. It is not necessary to stir the juice, there is less mess and it’s easier to tap.

You will receive with this slowjuicer a recipe book and a coarse strainer for extra pulp in your juice.

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What products can be squeezed by a Hurom HE?
The Hurom HE can juice both hard as well as soft fruits. Different kinds of vegetables like celery, carrots, peppers, radishes, tomatoes and cabbage are not a problem for this slowjuicer. However, hard or fibrous vegetables or leafs, should be cut in small pieces to avoid blockage and/or jamming. The juicer is less suitable for wheatgrass, this product should be added in small pieces.

What is the quality of the juice you get from the Hurom HE?
Similar to the Hurom HF the quality of Hurom HE’s juice is good. There is considerably less pulp in the juice compared to previous models.

How to clean the Hurom HE?
The parts of the Hurom HE are not dishwasher safe. The best way to clean the juicer is by running a glass of water in the slowjuicer. Turn the juicer on for a short time with the non-drip juice cap closed and the parts will be rinsed. Subsequently, all parts of the Hurom HE can best cleaned in the sink with warm water using the included brush.

Why would you choose the Hurom HE?

  • Juice cap – because of the juice cap it is not necessary to stir the juice, there is less mess and it’s easier to tap.
  • Vertical slowjuicer – Hurom HE is a vertical slowjuicer, which takes up little space and the ingredients can be easily juiced without stamping.
  • BPA-free – the slowjuicer is made of BPA-free non-harmful plastic.
  • Great reputation – As inventor of the vertical juicing system Hurom is leader in the development of vertical slowjuicers.

Our rating:

Hurom listened to the demand of a BPA-free juicer. Eventhough no heat  will be released while juicing, it is reassuring that the plastic is not harmful. This model is also extended with the handy juice cap. This juice cap especially ensures that there is less mess. Replacing the juice bowl or filling a glass is now possible without dripping. When you clean the juicer the bowl can be brought to the sink without leaking.

Moving the drive wheel to the rear of the machine is a big improvement: while juicing the pulp can get out more easily to avoid clogging and there is considerable less pulp in the juice.

Important differences between the HE-series and the prior HU-400: BPA-free, juice cap and drive wheel that is moved to the rear. 



Hurom HE


Brand Hurom
Type of Press Single gear
Propulsion Electric
Dimensions (LxWxH) 218 x 160 x 405 mm
Warranty 2jaar
Weight 6.01 kg
BPA-free Yes
Motor enkelfase inductie motor
Turning Speed +/- 70 rpm
Geluid (dB) 60 dBa
Power 150 W
Can juice Wheatgrass Bad
Other specifications

Lengte snoer: 1.4 meter

Standaard gebruiksduur: minder dan 30 minuten

Box content

Complete machine



2 X Schoonmaakborstel

Fijne zeef

Grove zeef




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