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The hassle free growing of fresh, spicy, crunchy sprouts


Carefully inspect the trays and remove any plant or seed residue.The majority of seeds must be soaked before planting (there is a chart available which shows which seeds must be soaked and for how long).Stir the seeds into water the majority will sink, those that float are either freshlifedamaged or will not germinate and must be removed.The seeds that do not require soaking must be sprayed heavily with a water sprinkler, these are generally smaller varieties or seeds that form a coating of slime at germination such as alfalfa, cress and rocket lettuce.


Lace the soaked and swollen seeds in the trays with a spoon making sure that they are spread out in one layer for maximum light and air.


All seeds must have the correct moisture levels to grow, too much water will either rot the seeds or turn them mouldy and too little will dry them out with resulting growth stop. In Freshlife and Easygreen the humidity is regulated automatically and with a time clock you can regulate the spraying time adjusted to yearly seasonal and temperature requirements.


With a germination bag the seeds are immersed in water and then drained, this should be done twice daily. The majority of seeds require no light to germinate but will need it to produce chlorophyll [leaf green]. The seeds must never be placed in direct sunlight for protection against ultraviolet rays. Wheat grass is placed in the light for the last two days.


The best germination temperature is between 18 and 22 C, lower or higher temperatures will either slow down or speed up germination respectively.


All seeds need to breathe to grow so do not plant too close as this can cause mould. The Easygreen system also regulates ventilation.


The harvested sprouting seeds can be consumed immediately or kept in the refrigerator for a few days in a closed container. It is advisable to vary the planting times of the seeds to ensure a regular fresh supply , the Easygeen system is particularly helpful with this. Refer to the germination and harvest chart.

easygreenBag System

A germination bag made of hemp is particularly suitable for the cultivation of young shoots such as mung beans and red adzuki because without light the resulting shoots are white and crisp.

Freshlife germinator

Fill the water reservoir place it in with the seeds and cover with the lid and the seeds will automatically be sprayed. This is supplied with growth sheets suitable for small seeds such                                                                 as alfalfa and cress.

Easygreen automatic propagation system

This device is suitable for almost any germinable seed. The Easygreen is ready to use just add seeds and water. This system is also suitable for wheat grass. This method works according to industry principles and with the supplied time clock sprays the seeds a number of times a day and removes excess water automatically.

Equipment Maintenance

Clean all components thoroughly with hot water. The germination bag is machine washable [no fabric softener] at 60c after removing any plant remains that may have grown into the material.

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