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Hurom Hurom GD
Hurom GD

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Hurom GD

Brand: Hurom
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What products can by squeezed by a Hurom GD?
This slowjuicer is very suitable for wheatgrass or other fibrous (leafy) vegetables like spinach and/or celery. You can also for example pulverize dried herbs. Make sure that the products are not firmer than coffee beans or black pepper and add them in small quantities. The Hurom GD squeezes fine juice of all kinds of vegetables and fruits and is a real all-rounder.

What is the quality of the juice you get from the Hurom GD?
The Hurom GD squeezes pure juice with little pulp. The juice is slightly more fluid and almost without pulp residues compared to the Hurom vertical slowjuicers. This is particularly seen in fibrous leafy vegetables and wheatgrass.

How to clean the Hurom GD?
The parts of the Hurom GD are not dishwasher safe. The best way to clean the parts of the juicer is in the sink with warm water using the included brushes. Should some vegetables or fruits be difficult to remove, it’s best to put the dirty parts in a bowl of warm water for a few hours.

Why would you choose the Hurom GD?

  • Powerful – because of the thin but long screw made of high quality Ultem plastic, the squeezing power is stronger and produces more juice and dry pulp from the machine than other vertical slowjuicers. 
  • Wheatgrass – this horizontal Hurom slowjuicer can easily process wheatgrass and other fibrous or firm products, a huge difference with vertical slowjuicers.
  • All-round – ice cream, nut butters, pesto or sorbet ice cream, this slowjuicer can produce it all
  • Quality - the power of the Hurom GD is in the strong screwing, the wide feeding chute and the very high quality of the parts.

Our rating:
The Hurom GD is an excellent, compact slowjuicer. The two-phase system is very well thought out. The feeding chute is larger than of the Omega 9006.  At the start of juicing, the juice made in this machine is a bit “fuller”, because there’s slightly more pulp in the juice. But this is certainly not annoying. The machine perfectly processes problematic products such as gooseberries, grapes or carrots. It also has a beautiful design. The rubber plunger is well developed – usually plungers just push the products, but this one also pushes iuice and pulp easily into the machine. The juice technique of the Hurom GD squeezes 20% more juice than other single gear juicers. What really strikes us is that the juicing drum of the Hurom GD is almost identical to that of the Omega 8006. After some inquiry Omega juicers turn out to be created by Hurom.

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Article number:6957754801268
average of 3 review(s)
By: Joey
Date: 06/08/2020

Goed apparaat, echter het rubbertje in de zeef is gebarsten. Deze is niet meer verkrijgbaar en is het apparaat nu waardeloos. Ik wacht nog steeds op een oplossing van en Hurom zelf. Tot op heden nog steeds geen oplossing. Ik had wel wat meer service verwacht van Hurom gezien de prijs van de apparatuur. Reactie Beste Joey, kunt u nogmaals contact met ons opnemen? Wij willen graag met u meedenken, zodat dit probleem opgelost kan worden.

By: Vibor
Date: 25/05/2020

(Geplaatst op 13-10-19). Goed apparaat maar de zeef is gebarsten. Deze is niet meer verkrijgbaar en is het apparaat nu waardeloos.

By: RonAlmere
Date: 25/05/2020

(Geplaatst op 26-05-14). Mooi apparaat, mooie donkerrode kleur. Wij hebben hem nu 4 maanden en we maken elke 3 dagen 2 liter juice. Prima te bewaren in de koelkast. Schoonmaken is vrij eenvoudig o.a. met het meegeleverde borsteltje. De onderdelen gaan ook zonder problemen gewoon in de afwasser. Opmerkelijk hoeveel juice dat apparaat maakt uit 1 vrucht. Pulp is goed droog. En echt alles gaat het doorheen dus ook broccoli, bleekselderie, etc. Dan hoor je hem wel lekker stevig malen maar is eigenlijk best wel stil. Wij hebben hem in Naarden gehaald tijdens een van de testdagen, gezellig en leerzaam! Conclusie: wij zijn hier heel tevreden mee.

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Write a review