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Hurom M100 2 in 1 (Blender en Slowjuicer)
Hurom M100 2 in 1 (Blender en Slowjuicer)

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Hurom M100 2 in 1 (Blender en Slowjuicer)

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The Hurom M100 makes it possible to use one machine to make a delicious healthy slowjuice and the same machine can also be used as a high-speed blender. With the blender you can make everything you can do with a normal blender, from healthy smoothies and soups to crunching ice cream. The slowjuice function is to make a delicious juice full of vitamins.

A combination of an AC motor from Slow Squeezing Technology (SST), which helps extract juice slowly but powerfully, and a universal motor that runs at high speed to crush and grind! 

AC Dual Motor: A Slow Squeezing motor and a high speed universal motor have been combined to provide a variety of functions in one housing.

Thanks to the 2-litre filling container and the integrated cutting tool, the ingredients are cut into small pieces and, thanks to "self-feeding", are sucked into the press container themselves. The rotary knob makes it easy to operate the machine in order to choose the desired programme.

What can you press/blend with the Hurom M100?

For slowjuicing: The Hurom H320N comes standard with a coarse and fine sieve. The coarse sieve is recommended for soft fruit and the fine sieve is used for juicing (hard) fruit and nut milk.

For blending: from vegetables and fruit to crunching ice, finally everything is possible in the blender as long as you can crush it between your teeth.

How do you clean the Hurom M100?

The parts of the Hurom H320 are not dishwasher safe. They are best cleaned under the tap with warm water and the appropriate brushes. If there are any vegetable or fruit residues stuck to them, you can leave the parts to soak in a bowl of warm water for a few hours. Another option is to put water in the jug after use and turn it on for a short while, the large residues will then be rinsed away.


Why should you choose the Hurom M100?

Design - Beautiful design, shiny metal body
BPA-free - The Hurom M100 is BPA-free
Technology - Two technologies in one body 
Filling opening - Large filling opening of 136mm and a filling capacity of 2 litres!
Quiet - Quiet operation and high juice yield
Easy - The new self-feeding system after the fruit and vegetables are cut in the filling shaft, they are sucked up by the juicer barrel
Versatile - hard fruit, soft fruit, leafy vegetables and grasses 
Design - Hurom M100 has a very stylish design and use of materials



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Article number:Hurom-M100
General properties
Type of Press:
Dimensions (LxWxH):
Pasta maker:
BPA-free: Yes
Rounds per minute:
Can juice Wheatgrass: Yes
Food processor:
Box content: Auger, Blender Jar, Chamber, Cleaning Brush, Hopper, Inner Strainer, Juice Container, Juice Strainer, Pulp Container, Pusher, Recipe Book, Smoothie Strainer
noise (dB):
Dishwasher proof:
Other specifications:
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By: Darko
Date: 29/04/2024

Great product. Rally enjoying the experience. Bit of a learning curve at the beginning with assembly but nothing out of the ordinary. Juicer is really good 9/10, and blender is 10/10. Reason for juicer rating is that juice is not 100 bits free but nothing major as if you don't like bits you can clean them through colander.

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