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Tips for the use of strainers

TIPS FOR the use of strainers The Byzoo Vertical Juicer comes standard with two strainers: a fine sieve (left) and a sieve with a large one openings, the coarse sieve (right) for soft fruit such as melon and peach. The most important thing about slowjuicen is that you only ingredients in your slowjuicer that you can chew with your teeth. Hard pips must be in advance be deleted. Fine Sieve This strainer with small openings becomes used as standard for almost all products. You use this strainer to make juice with little pulp. To remove the last pulp from the juice you can remove the extra white sieve place the juice container. Coarse sieve The screen with larger openings can be used for soft fruits and vegetables. If you thicker juice and with more fiber you can use this coarse sieve. Dense Sieve (Extra Sieve) The sieve without openings can be used to squeeze ingredients without separating the pulp from the juice, for example, to make peanut butter or sorbet ice cream. To make peanut butter, first close the juice stopper and close the machine and wait until all peanuts are ground. Repeat this until you have enough peanut butter. After the first time pressing the result does not yet look like peanut butter. Put the ground peanuts in the filling opening once again around the oil and the whole becomes peanut butter. The dense sieve can also be used to make sorbet ice cream. If you have bananas left, it is no longer necessary to throw it away. Remove the peel and keep it in the freezer. If you want to make ice cream, remove the frozen fruit from the freezer and wait 30 minutes. Put the banana pieces in the filling opening of the slowjuicer with a closed strainer and your sorbet ice cream will come from the pulp outlet. Tips & Advice • To prevent damage to the pressing screw, do not let the machine run without ingredients. • The slowjuicer is only for household use. Do not use the machine for longer than 30 minutes in a row. Do not use the slowjuicer to squeeze vegetable oil from ingredients. • Slow juicing takes time due to the slow speed. For the best results, ensure that the slowjuicer not being overfed. • Remove seeds and cores from the apple. This ensures a bitter taste of the juice. • Hard vegetables such as carrots and fiber-rich products such as celery can best be cut in pieces of 4 to 5 cm to cut. Make sure that all ingredients are washed thoroughly. • The parts of the slowjuicer are not dishwasher safe. Clean the parts with lukewarm water and ensure that all holes of the strainer are open. The silicone parts must also cleaned and dried and then correctly reinserted to prevent leaks.