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Lowest price guarantee

Because we deliver directly from the factory to the consumer we are able to offer very competitive prices. So competitive that we can give you a guarantee that you will not find the same products at a lower price somewhere else.

In case you still think you have seen a cheaper offer elsewhere we really like to hear from you. As a reward we will give you, besides the prices specified by you, an extra 5% off your order!

Please be aware of the following conditions:

  • The products eligible for the price guarantee are new, complete and are in the original packaging.   
  • must be able to check the price difference through an official price list, advertisement or other written confirmation of a cheaper Dutch offer.
  • Products from  (closing down) clearance sales, products from bankruptcy sales, demonstration models and refurbished or damaged products are not eligible for the price guarantee.
  • Lowest Price guarantee does not apply to already purchased items.
  • Lowest Price guarantee applies to the total costs (including shipping).
  • Lowest Price guarantee applies only to individuals, not for companies or institutions.
  • Lowest Price guarantee applies only to Hurom products, Tribest products and Angel products. (Hurom, Greenstar, Angel, Sedona, Slowstar, Z-Star, Personal Blender, Freshlife, Yolife, Soyabella, Wheetgrass sprouter)
  • If the set conditions are complied with will deliver the product for the same amount + an 5% extra discount on the product.
  • No additional discounts can be granted to this amount and other promotions are not valid.
  • The product must be available to order from the supplier and therefore in stock.

Send the following information to [email protected] for "lowest price guarantee":

  • Your name and e-mail address.
  • The store or (link to) the website where you saw the product at a lower price.
  • The product details (product name, product description and/or link to the item)