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Mother  Forest  4 Pods  -Grow Standard
Mother Forest 4 Pods -Grow Standard

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Mother Forest 4 Pods -Grow Standard

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With the mother Forest 4 Pods Grow Stand you can easily grow your own sprout and herbs at home, with this super modular and sustainable graanwall system with intergrated grow lights. The full-spectrum grow lights have an excellent photosynthesis efficiency of 92%. Let your plants grow in all seasons. The system can be expanded at any time with teh pods or grow lights. The greenwall system is easy to install between the ceiling and the floor or freestanding. The Mother Forest system is strong and lightweight.

The powercables are nicely concealed in the tubes.The lamps are 5 watts, which makes them economical to use. The materials sre durable and made of high-quality anodized aluminium (100% recycled). This strong and light material has been chosen to guarantee the safety of the Forest system. The result is a system that can be carried in a backpack and at the same time a complete indoor wall can be built. All parts are treated against corrosion and scratches.The whole product contains no glue or paint.

There is a 4-year warranty on the LED boards an 2 years on the components. Visual damage such as scratches that occur after the first use, are not covered by the warranty. Forest is a system that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Mother Forest system can be safely built up to 2.78m or up to 3,5m with the optionalextensionkit. The HomeForest comes with 1 MicroPod.

For germinating seed and growing microgreens:

Just add water to the MicroPod, sprinkle it over your seeds, and your germination will be ready in just 1 week. Sprouting or microgreens contain up to 40x more nutrients than fully grown vegetables, making them a truly sustainable superfood of the future. WIth the MicroPod, the seeds begin to germinate when they float on the water.As the water level drops gradually, the roots are directed downwards, so the seeds do not need to be covered during initial root development (as with other mediums). The MicroPod contains enough water to allow the roots to develop downwards, allowing the microgreens to flourish until ready for harvest.

Plant Pod x 3

Use a HydroPod to further grow your sprouts and crops, or to grow any type of houseplant. Using a PlantCollar, place one microgreen in a HydroPod- it will hold the stem to allow further growth. Fill with water and liquid nutrients to the marked line; from there the plant develop more roots and grow taller. The water level in the HydroPod will drop, so that the roots get enough air.

After placing your microgreens in the HydroPod, harvest them in week 4 for maximum nutrition and mass with minimal effeort. You can also wait to harvest when the pd is empty, or refill the HydroPod as many times as you like to the second line of indication to keep growing! Grow larger crops, such as peppers or even tomato plants.

The HydroPod works with any type of hydroponic nutrition.

Plantspectrum 5x3

The sunlight mimicking spectrum of the PlantSpectrum allows any plant to grow at any stage. It is designed to mimic sunlight with its 97+CRI (Color Rendering Index). This promotes the growth and health of a plant and also optimizes color and tase.


1x MicroPod 20x4cm

3x Plant Pods 12x4,7cm en 14x5,5cm en 12x4,7cm

1x Forest Bar

3x Light Nodes

1x regular node

1x Plug & Play 24 V powerjack switch




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