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Ninja Ninja Speedi ON400EU
Ninja Speedi ON400EU
€249,00 €179,00

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Ninja Speedi ON400EU

Brand: Ninja
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€249,00 €179,00
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The Ninja Speedi ON400EU is an advanced kitchen appliance designed to process food quickly and efficiently. With its powerful motor and innovative features, the Speedi ON400EU aims to simplify and speed up your food preparation tasks.

The Ninja Speedi ON400EU is a multifunctional appliance with as many as 10 different cooking functions. It allows you to put an entire meal on the table in a short time. You can grill delicious cuts of meat, bake a fluffy cake or airfry an entire meal, all with the same appliance!

Ninja ON40EU Speedi is specially designed for quick and easy preparation of dishes in one pan. With the included hot plate, you add layers to the cooking pan for any dishes with multiple components. In addition, the Rapid Cooking System combines steam with convection heat to prepare complete meals in the fastest way possible.

The Ninja Speedi's Rapid Cooking Technology combines steaming and hot-air frying without oil for fast, perfectly prepared results. The hot steam cooks food quickly and makes it juicy, while the airfry mode coats ingredients with a crispy, golden-brown coating. So you cook tender vegetables, crispy fries and tender grains, all at the same time. Add layers to your ingredients by using the included hot plate.



Convection cooking programmes

For convection cooking, the Ninja Speedi's top heating element works together with the fan to distribute heat perfectly throughout the cooking pot. The Ninja Speedi Multicooker has the following cooking modes for convection cooking: Grilling, Airfry, Baking/Frying and Drying.

Airfry (150 - 210˚C): Hot air is circulated through the cooking pan for golden brown, crispy dishes, made with little or no oil and up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. Prepare basically anything with the Airfry function, from salmon fillets and sweet potato wedges to chicken wings and mozzarella sticks
Grill (210 -240 ˚C): heat from above browns the top of your meat, vegetables or fish perfectly. This is how you prepare delicious marinated chicken fillets, grilled courgette and aubergine and tasty sandwiches
Bake/Roast (120 - 210˚C): Use the Ninja Speedi as an oven to make tender meat, stews, oven pasta, pies, biscuits, roasted chicken thighs and bread
Dehydrate (40 - 90˚C): dry ingredients slowly over low heat to prepare homemade snacks such as dried fruit, vegetable chips and spices

Hob programmes

Selecting one of these programmes turns on the lower heating element and unlocks the hob. This also allows you to slow-cook and Sear/Sauté with the Ninja Speedi.


Sear/Saute ("Lo1" "2" "3" "4" or "Hi5"): Use the lower heat element to cook as you would on a hob. So you can prepare tasty risotto, curry, pasta, or brown meat and onions with ease
Slow Cook ("Hi" "Lo"): Cook food slowly at a lower temperature for tender results; perfect for pulled pork, chilli, soups, stews and sauces


Rapid Cook programmes

Use the 'Smart Switch' to switch to the Ninja Speedi's Rapid Cook modes. These cooking modes combine steaming with convection cooking for juicy and crispy results, with no limits on ingredients.

Speedi Meals (200 - 240˚C): The perfect programme for preparing all-in-one meals. Create your own quick meal by choosing a base like pasta, potatoes or rice and mixing it with vegetables, meat, fish or vegetable proteins and other flavours; the preset programme does the rest
Steam Air Fry (200 - 240˚C): Air with steam cooks ingredients quickly without drying them out. So you can enjoy guilt-free eating of fried food that is juicy and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. For example, vegetables and salmon fillets
Steam Bake (120 - 210˚C): Bake airy cakes and baked breads at home, such as garlic bread balls and cheesecake, or savoury dishes like a vegetable or potato gratin
Steam: Cook vegetables, fish and more with the steam function. Steaming ensures the food retains all its food value and flavours, and brings you an extremely healthy way of making food

Included with the Ninja Speedi: 1 x 5.7 litre removable cooking pot, 1 Cook&Crisp tray, instruction manual

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Article number:ON400EU
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Date: 22/01/2024

Een prima apparaat, de airvrajer doet het beter als mijn phillips. Je moet wel veel leren over alle mogelijkheden. Eenvoudige bediening. Waardeloos is het Engelstalige receptenboek. Ik moet nog veel ontdekken.

  • + Mooi ontwerp
  • + Gebruikt weinig energie
  • - Engelstalige receptenboek

By: Sjoerd
Date: 07/11/2023

Sinds een paar weken de Ninja Speedi in gebruik. Levering door Slowjuice snel en super. Ook de beantwoording van vragen na die tijd. Sinds we de Ninja Speedi hebben ontvangen geen pan meer gebruikt. Echt een super apparaat. Het fijne is dat je zelf alles onafhankelijk in kan stellen. Bediening is super eenvoudig. Geen hoge druk problemen en het afwassen van de onderdelen is super eenvoudig. Super veilig ook voor oudere mensen. Prima bedieningshandleiding in het Nederlands. Jammer dat het meegeleverde receptenboek niet in het Nederlands is geschreven. Wij zijn er blij mee.

  • + Zie omschrijving
  • - Recepten niet in het Nederlands

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